Life 1982/1993/2000

Since the beginning there was only one goal and that was to create music. Not only music but something different, something with a meaning. Something that created emotion, provokes emotion, demands an emotional response. Distinct, unique, its own life.

In the beginning there was a kid banging out tunes on an untuned piano. Creating songs under the influence of Motown and Prince. Then Starstream was born. A group of kids(mostly percussionist from a HS marching band) with a common love for music playing together, trying to better their lives without the street influence guiding them. Fading out like a summer fling, one soul could not give up on the dream. In steps Dangel Jaye, influenced by the bass sound(house music/club). This brought a new dimesion to the birth of the then known as Audible Silence instrumental sound. A dreamy soundtrack fusion. This not ready for radio airplay duo created songs over night and sold mix tapes out of their back pack anywhere they could find a costumer. That’s how they meet Darcie Black, a funky rock keyboard guitarist with a heavy dark side, and that was the birth of the JJD sound. Various reasons caused the three to separate and although in and out of various bands and productions, the three kept in touch. When they do team up, it is a guaranteed deep dark emotional roller coaster ride you are in for. Using the many different styles mixed together keeping that unique sound.  Like JJD’s idol/hero Prince and the MPLS sound, JJD’s sound is also its own.

Thank you for your time. Please continue to check us out and enjoy.

Jackjack Dragon

A little something extra.

               Back ground stuff (FYI)


CD name                       artist              

Instrumentality 1                                                         -Jack

Songs Dedicated to the Sad, Lost and Alone     -For The Love of Lost

Instrumentality 2                                                       -Audible Silence (Japan)

Scenes from the Lounge Tour                               -Audible Silence (Japan)

Souls for Sale                                                              -OLI(Outside Looking In)

Unreleasable Innocence                               – JJD/Unreleasable Innocence

Jackjack Dragon 2 Live                                             -Jackjack Dragon

To be released projects

Paper Hearts That Play with Fire   -JJD/Paper Hearts that Play with Fire

Not Out Of The System

Little Dragons (children’s songs)                                   Jackjack Dragon Jr

Movies TV & Dreams 1 & 2

Featured on

Nautiloid/Nautilus       Sampled voice

Speaker Sgt./Bad Baby City (Digital Destruction[vocals&lyrics])

Sonet CM song (vocals)

Toho movie CM (vocals)

Redline remixed animation CD (backing vocals track6-Kare no Shift)

Xbox video game(racing) (lyrics&vocals)

Kinta Jackson(collaboration CD[vocals/lyrics/keyboards/programing/



Wedding Singer

Lyric writer and checker

Vocal instructor(helper)

Former bands

Starstream, Dangerous Liaisons, Sex & Fear for President, Better Than Sex, Unique


To create music, to create inspiration.


Music that brings out a true emotion. Music not created for just hooks to make money. True artist to take back the industry and fill the airways.