Blak Elegance second live flyer

the return of black elegance (Black by Popular Demand)

Taking a break from practicing songs, playing Base Wars on my NES(I’m about to win the title,LOL), thinking to myself, graphics (were kind of cool) actually were not that bad back then. Wow how things change, but one thing hasn’t. I can still deliver a heart felt performance like no other! I can still shock, surprise and amaze an audience. There are good singers, amazing singers here but there is truly a difference when I take the stage. You can feel what I am singing more than it being a visual show. 4/24/21 I was lucky to be the frontman of a very talented band (Black Elegance) and we mesmerized our audience. 7/4/21 we will return and take it up a notch. R&B like it should be!!!


BLACK ELEGANCE live/live streaming @ ABSOLUTE BLUE 7/4/21

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